Tuesday, April 22, 2014

LMC: Reason Chapter Activities...This week and next

 Activity 1 (today):
Read the following short blurb and write a commentary about it in the comments section. (anon; first name only)
(1st reaction & applications/connections to reason chapter) 

Activity 2 (today):
Peer Mark of Lateral Thinking Assignment in Turn It In

Activity 3 (start today-Teams):   
Who will be the winning team in the NBA?

Based on:

~New Articles
~Player Stats
~Players with experience
~Score Differences during play-offs
~Regular Season Record
~Coaching Staff
~Team Chemistry
~Sports Experts (PTI; ESPN; NBA)
~Lateral Thinking approach (6 Hats)
~Interviews of staff here at PHS(30 sec clips)

Presentations on Monday April 4/28/14 by group

Activity 4/HW:   Preparation for Seminar next class:

Questions:   Article LINK
1.  What is the most important phrase?  Explain your thinking.

2.  Does the text agree or disagree with the following quote:

3. Based on this article and the chapter reading, is reason powerful or perilous?  Explain your thinking.

Activity 5:  Final Lateral Thinking Assignment May 2, 2014 7am

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Week: Project Implicit and Lateral Thinking

Take Two tests:
~You must take the Race IAT~  The second is your choice…challenge yourself
~Reflect on your results prior to the completion of the follow-up questions.

Project Implicit LINK

Follow-Up Questions

Do you think that these tests are valid?  When you first saw your results, did you question or accept the test's validity?

Give examples of the cultural messages that may support attitudes linking a dominant group in your nation or culture with "good" or "superior" attributes and a subordinate group with "bad" or "inferior" ones.  Are these attitudes generalizations that can be called stereotypes?  How can generalizations be distinguished from stereotypes?

If some of our consciously held beliefs, attitudes and values are undermined by what Gladwell calls rapid cognition (others call this intuitive thinking or even gut feelings), what do you suggest we can do to combat jumping to (false) conclusions?

 Compose your response in a word document and then cut and paste it into the comment's section of this post.

1.  Choose Anonymous in the drop down menu
2.  First Name only
3.  Your response
4.  Reply to another student as well


Lateral Thinking

3 paragraphs due to www.turnitin.com


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Warm-Up: Science vs. Art: The Idea of Beauty

How does the picture in the upper right hand corner of the blog connect to this video?


Class Activities:  
Reading Pairs of Socrates and Atreus: Class Discussion

Grade Conferences

Essay Work: Fine Tuning Knowledge Issues, Identifying Supports, and Counterclaims

Evaluation of Exemplars: How did you grade it?

Homework: Personal Interpretation: 
Collage (pictures and words) with Explanation (one well-developed paragraph)
Due Monday March 31, 2014

Beauty of .....

Human Sciences
Natural Sciences
Religious Systems
Indigenous Systems

Homework: Completed Outline  for 1st essay due Wednesday April 2, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Homework due Tuesday March 18th 7am

Write a commentary after watching the videos and post your response in the comments section.
 Discuss chapter connections, connections to supplemental materials readand personal experience.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Week of 3/10/14

1.  We wrapped up the language chapter with Umbrellalogy
2.  We read and annotated the chapter on Perception
3.  Our focus for the next two weeks will be on Perception


1.  e-Reflection entry on one of the following 3/14/14 7am:
      ~Body Language
      ~Connection from another IB class (language or perception) 
      ~Guest speaker on Wednesday

2.  Revision of Knower's Profile by 3/14/14 7am


Friday, February 21, 2014

Week of 2/24/14 & Week of 4/3/14:Language Continued & Start of Perception

Recap of this week:

We read and annotated the language chapter
We explored language through a seminar on an excerpt from Metaphors We Live By
We discussed whether or not body language was alternative or complementary
We worked in groups on how language shapes thought & whether it is unique to human beings

Homework due Friday [[Monday (field trip) Wednesday (SAT)]]:

1. Using the site Culture Crossing to complete the following and post in comments section:

~Select a country that you know little to nothing about
~Explore the subtopics of basics, business, and students
~Describe the similarities and differences between your country of exploration and customs here
~Discuss what you found interesting, shocking, and/or thought-provoking
~Reminder for posts: anonymous+first name+3A+post (draft in word first)

2.  Article Readings by Teacher Assignment (I will email all 4):

~Mathematics & Language: Is Mathematics Universal? 
(LaShawnda, Madalyn, Obichi, Jemuel, Uchechi & Stanley)

~Gender & Language:  You Are What You Say 
(Sunny, AK, Fitsume, Tunji, Nnedi, Jocelyn M.)

~Culture & Body Language:  China/USA Differences 
(Asia, Jocelyn N, Jesus, Ephraim, Alicia& Adriana)

~Music & Language: Exploring the Mysteries of Conducting 
(Jazmine, Jennifer, Catherine E, Abigail, Ashley & Stanley)

~Body Language & Perception: Amy Cuddy Video
(Rebeca, Catherine O, Kelly, Constance, Vaskia, Alyssa, & Telani)

Come prepared to discuss the following:

1.  10 important points from the article
2.  2 Questions about the information presented
3.  Implications of information that is presented


Tuesday 3/4/14:  2nd Seminar on Text in Google Drive:  Umbrellaology 

1.  What is the most important sentence/phrase?  Explain your thinking.
2.  What is the nature of science?  Explain your thinking?
3.   Is Umbrellalogy a science? What role does language play in the text? Explain your thinking.

Thursday 3/6/14 Read and Annotate: Perception Chapter using SQ3R+ Method

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week of February 10, 2014-Week of February 21, 2014

Our focus will be on the Language Chapter

Apropos Quote for #BHM & Language Chapter:

  • Peer Mark Assignment: Turnitin due by 11:59 pm 2/14/14 
    • First e-Reflection entry is due by 11:59 pm 2/14/14
      • Topics for Discussion in e-Reflection
        • Metaphors We Live By: text and/or seminar
        • Miner: Anthropology Report-Nacirema
        • Peer Mark of Knower's Profile