Thursday, December 18, 2014

January Updates: Over the Break

Please review the shared calendar!

 Converse with group members on Padlet Wall

#1:  Unpack the question
 #2:  What do you understand about the question
#3:  Run ideas past group members for feedback
#4: Ask questions for clarification

 Outline your Theory of Knowledge Prescribed Title

#1:  Develop a plan to tackle the essay
#2: Provide a focus
#3: Review the flow of information
#4: Review for completeness
#5: Check outline against rubric

Seminar: Ethics Related Text-January 5, 2015
 Cold Text: No Preparation Required
Ethics Chapter Notes:  January 9th, 2015 
 Please review the rubric for note-taking criteria
 Newseum Field Trip January 13, 2015
 Please let parents know the date change

Friday, December 12, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Learning Target (the what):  Students will read the ethics chapter in small groups in order to understand various perspectives of ethics.

Language Target (the how):  Students will note-take using the SQ3R+ method in small groups to develop open-ended questions using ToK vocabulary(emotion; perception; language; reason).


Entry Ticket (5 minutes)

   In what ways might CAS be said to promote ethical education? Is service to others, in whatever form, a moral obligation? If so, on what might the obligation be based? If not, why not?
Work in Groups: ToK IA (20 minutes)
Discussion Questions: Small Groups (20 minutes)
 Synthesis of Discussion: Whole Class (10 minutes)
Ethics Chapter: Notes (20 minutes)
Q&A (5 minutes) 


Monday, November 17, 2014

Agenda 11/17-11/21 Photographs as Propaganda?

What is propaganda?
What message is being conveyed?
Is the message effective?

Learning Target (the what):  Students will evaluate photographs in small groups to determine their origin, purpose, value and limitations.

Language Target (the how):  Students will discuss and evaluate the artists' choices of  in small groups using of Theory of Knowledge vocabulary. (emotion; perception; language; reason)

 DIE Activity: 2 Photos

Newseum Activity: Photos (Small Groups)

Entry Ticket:  DIE using Index Cards
What is Propaganda?  History behind it? Tools? Limitations? Evaluating it?
American Historical Association
Expert Groups & Presentations


Revisit Notes
Quick Segue:  Preparation for Newseum Visit

Apply presentation information to the photo
Define Propaganda
How is your photo an example of propaganda?
Justify it with textual evidence (quadrants) (foreground/background)
Explain the photographer's choice


 Knowledge Questions that surface? Questions? Comments? Ahas?

1.  Apply the DIE & Archives Photo Analysis Sheet to the Desoto Image
2.  Compare & Contrast your textbook account of DeSoto with  the Image
DeSoto image is in G Drive in Desoto Folder

Propaganda or No? KQ?
Why study history if it is his story?
3.  Submit your DIE/Photo Analysis & Comparison to turnitin by Friday 7 am

Thursday, November 6, 2014

11/6/14: To Dos

Learning Target (the what):  Students will identify and construct main ideas, questions, and implications of historical accounts in expert groups.

Language Target (the how):  Students will discuss and evaluate their insights in jigsaw groups using of Theory of Knowledge vocabulary and IB History OPLV.

Entry Ticket: Choose One explain using an IB HOA example (anon & first name only)

To what extent can distinctions be made between factual report, biased interpretation, and calculated distortion?  

How is history be used for propaganda

To what extent is history about those who held power, and to what extent is it about ordinary people?
H. De Soto Activity

1.  Review & Discuss OPVL handout 
2.  Read & discuss expert group account (A A A)
3.  Jigsaw to discuss the various accounts (ABCDE)
4.  Which account is the most accurate in relation to the painting?

Evaluate TOK IA Outline
Oxford Skills & Practice p. 89-94
G Drive: Presentation Checklist


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Agenda: 10/29/14 Odds & Ends

Learning Target (the what):  Students will identify and construct main ideas, questions, and implications of journal articles individually.

Language Target (the how):  Students will discuss and evaluate their insights of articles in their pairs using of Theory of Knowledge vocabulary.

Homework for Friday 11:59 pm: History, Culture, Identity, & Language

What is our role in sustaining existing indigenous cultures? 

Consider the following in your response:

Chapters on Language & Perception (accompanying activities & texts)
Chapter on History
Knower's Profile from Semester One
Jimmy Nelson's Video
Otomi People(Know My World Community)

Reply to a classmate prior to our 1st class for the 2nd Quarter (7am)
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