Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Mock presentations are today!

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Each group will complete the T-Chart identifying strengths & weaknesses of the presentation.
You will have an opportunity to review your group's video to complete this process.
Please review to your hard copy of the rubric or review an in the G-Drive
The t-chart is due on 10/5/15

We will continue to explore Natural Sciences next week and then transition to Human Sciences
Notes for Human Sciences chapter will be due next Friday 10/9/15

TOK Action Plan due 10/7/15
Details will be discussed in class on 9/30/15

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shakespeare & Research

Shakespeare & Research
Link to Google Doc

Read and take notes on the article
Post a synopsis of your article on the blog
Share what is important from your article with your group
Synthesize the groups’ articles: Develop TWO KQs


Finishing up the Arts as an AOK
Jigsawed Homework: Submission via Turnitin
Friday 9/18 11:59 pm

What is Art? Tolstoy
Gist of Reading
 Connections to Arts Chapter

Notes Natural Sciences Chapter
Tuesday 9/22/15

Mock IA Presentations
Moved to 9/28/15

Reflection on Arts as an AOK
9/24/15 7am

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


SQ3R Chapter Notes due 9/4/15: Arts as a WOK

3 Minutes per Group 9/4/15
RLS & KQ Only TOK Mock

Completed Outline for TOK Mock 9/14/15 7AM
Popplet Link OR TK/PPD to my email inbox.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Arts: Helena

" was reported in the news that the director of the Trapholt Modern Art Museum in Denmark had been prosecuted for cruelty to animals.  The prosecution related to the exhibition of an artwork by Marco Evaristti, which featured a live goldfish swimming in water in a blender. Visitors to the Museum were invited to switch the blender on and liquefy the fish.  The artist said he wanted to force people to "do battle with their conscience" and this, presumably, was the point of the artwork.  The Museum Director, Peter Meyer, vigorously defended his case on the basis of artistic freedom.  Ultimately, he was successful but on the basis that the fish was killed instantly and therefore it was not cruel."

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Memory & Sense Perception

 Eye-Witness Testimony

What connections can you make to both the sense perception and memory chapter?
Connections to your memory presentation?
Post here
Reminder:  Anon with 1st name only
Due 5/27/15 11:59 pm

Summer Memory Chapter notes due 5/25/15 by the start of 3A

SQ3R Chapter Notes due 9/4/15: Arts as a WOK

Group Project-Based Learning Activity on Imagination, Faith, and Intuition 8/27-9/4